Is there a minimum to pay to use this service?

No. The comparison service is free to use on our website. There is also no minimum delivery price required to use the courier services listed on this website.

Will the courier drivers call before making a collection or a delivery?

No. The drivers that are given the details of the delivery / collection are not provided with phones, so it is imperative that you understand the estimated delivery time and ensure that you have someone at the delivery address to receive the goods between 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

What will happen if no one is home when the courier tries to deliver the item(s)?

The courier will leave a note / card with contact details on it. These will notify you that a delivery has been attempted. The item(s) will be couriered back to the depot overnight and a redelivery attempt will be made the following day. A redelivery fee of $35 will apply should this occur. Alternatively, we recommend that you collect the item(s) from the courier depot and no extra cost before the redelivery happen the following day.

Is is possible for the courier to leave the goods at the front door if there is nobody home for the delivery?

No. A signature is required for every delivery. It is a liability to leave the item(s) unattended and unsigned for, so all couriers use this process.

Packaging of the items for delivery – who’s responsibility is this?

This is the responsibility of the sender. We are unable to offer this service, as we only help to compare the best deals and put you in contact with the selected courier. If you are the sender, please ensure you understand the couriers packaging requirements. If not packaged or labelled correctly, the item(s) may not be accepted by the courier and a collection may be refused. If this occurs, a $25 fee is incurred.

Do you exchange pallets?

No, we do not exchange pallets.

What restrictions are there on the goods being sent?

Unless other wise stated by the individual courier / carrier, couriers found through this comparison calculator website will not carry the following:

  • Loose furniture and bedding (unless packaged or flat packed)
  • Unpackaged goods
  • Jewellery, coins and valuable items
  • Artwork/sculptures/paintings
  • Food (requiring refrigeration)
  • Glass items/mirrors
  • Engines/gearboxes/etc, with oil or fuel still inside
  • Dangerous goods (of any kind) – e.g. flammable, aerosol cans, hazardous, toxic
  • Cars/motorbikes
  • Pets (dead or alive)
  • If sending toys, please remove batteries from any electrical devices
  • Please check with the courier before sending LAPTOPS, IPHONES, and other devices with lithium batteries
  • Anything that does not comply with export policy*** refer to our PROHIBITED AND RESTRICTED ITEMS page

I want to make a claim, how do I go about this?

Please email info@baggagefreight.com.au regarding any claims for loss of goods or damage within 14 days, providing us with the following details: 1) Sender’s full name and contact details 2) Consignment note number 3) Date of Despatch 4) Number of Parcels Sent 5) Number of Parcels Received 6) Total Weight 7) Detailed reason for claim e.g. Loss, part Loss, Damage, Other 8) Detailed description of the Box/Suitcase/Bag appearance, external colour, and contents inside & value 9) Attach photos of the “missing bag” or photos of the “damages” (Any claim received after 14 days cannot be accepted.) Please note that in the event of a damage claim the item constituting the claim should be retained as it may be required for inspection or salvage. The insurance company may request proof of receipt (showing the cost value of goods & not the sale value).

Is Freight by sea cheaper than freight by air?

Not always. If you are sending less that 1 – 2 cubic metres worth of item(s) or goods, you may find that air freight will often be cheaper, faster and more easily track-able. If you plan on sending large volumes / quantities of goods, then sea freight may be the best option for you, however delivery times are approximately 20 – 45 days depending on the route of the carrier ship.

Tracking item(s) – how can I do this?

You can always call the courier / carrier directly to get the most up to date information by quoting your con note number or airway bill. Alternatively, you can visit www.baggagefreight.com.au and find the TRACK N TRACE tool. Please note: items(s) are only track-able once they have been collected and scanned at the courier depot.

Maximum wheight – what restrictions appy?

If a package or item weighs more that 30kg, the courier may refuse collection due to occupational health and safety regulations. If the item(s) weigh more than 30kg, please ensure there is someone at the collection point to assist the courier.

Is furniture OK to send?

If the furniture doesn’t flat pack into boxes, bulky furniture is not usually accepted by most carriers. We advise you contact a furniture removalist.

Is there a booking cut off time?

Yes most couriers / carriers operate within the following pick-up / delivery times: bookings made before 11am EST may be collected the same day by 5.30pm.

What information do I need to know about the collection delivery times?

A minimum of a 4 hour window for collections or delivery times is required between the following hours: 9am – 5.30pm.

For example, there is a 4 hour window between 9am and 1pm and also another window between 1pm and 5.30pm.

A typical collection / delivery will occur between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm on weekdays only.

My Parcel hasn’t been collected – what to do?

We ask that you please make contact via the details below , and explain that the carrier has failed to collect your parcel(s) / package(s):

Email Enquiries: info@baggagefreight.com.au
Outside Australia Phone: +61 430 10 20 30
Within Australia Phone : 0430 10 20 30
Office: +61 8 8244 1397
Fax: +61 8 8244 1398

We recommend that you book the collection 2 – 3 days earlier to best avoid any issues with delivery time frames. We cannot speak for the chosen courier, and there is no guarantee that a collection will definitely occur. By contacting the above details, you can easily re-book another collection for the next day at a time that is suitable to both parties.

Will I be notified by you of any collection of delivery failures?

Unfortunately, no. We regret to inform you that the information is not privy to us within any reasonable time frames so to notify you. We are purely a comparison service that brokers to the main freight companies. You can always request another collection for the next day by contacting via the contact details in the above question.

If I am receiving goods, are your services available to me?

Yes. Although we prefer senders of the goods to use our services, we do not restrict you from our services if you are the receiver. If you are a receiver and wish to use our comparison service, please make sure that the sender has understood all the packing requirements, and is aligned to the Terms & Conditions, and the Prohibited & Dangerous Goods information listed.

It is the responsibility of the sender to label each package / parcel that is being sent via the courier found through this website, and must have the package / parcel ready for collection at the agreed time. In the even the sender has not prepared the item(s) for pick up, the driver reserves the right to refuse collection, so be sure that the sender prepares the item(s) well in advance.

My consignment – how much is covered by insurance?

When you book with your selected courier / carrier, there is an option to select to insure your goods to the AUD dollar value. However this option is purely optional, not at all mandatory, and extra payment will be required. This options is often referred to as the ‘carriers extended warranty or insurance’.

If you wish to have insurance, please select this option on the payment page, and be aware to read the warranty policy in place.

It is our understanding that some carriers / couriers do not offer insurance as an option, so please pay attention to which carrier you choose if insurance is something you desire. We are not licensed to offer or sell any form of insurance to customers using this service. If you have experienced loss or damage to your items, and insurance was not purchased, you cannot claim cover on your item(s).

We advise that you check with your own personal insurance provider before shipping any goods through any of the carriers we compare, to make sure the item(s) are covered for the correct values.

Charges: How do you calculate?

In regards to charges, we reserve the right to charge by both volume and by weight, depending on which is greater. The different couriers that you can access through our website often calculate using different formulas to price the delivery of the item(s). Our unique calculator does all of this for you, so you do not need to worry about making any calculations for your delivery.

Delivery to PO Boxes – Is this service offered?

Unfortunately, no. Deliveries can only be made to residential or business addresses.

Do the prices listed on this website include GST or not?

Unless otherwise stated, yes. Please note however that Government Taxes, Duties and Customs Fees are not included. These are paid directly by the customer (you) – should it be a requirement depending on your delivery options and delivery address. If so, you will be notified directly.

I have made my booking. Can I cancel my delivery or alter the details given?

In short, yes.

For the alteration of details you have previously entered, this must take place before the collection has been made by the courier, and a $25 fee will be applied.

For the cancellation of a booking, there is a cancellation fee of $25 that will apply. This is regardless of how early you decide to cancel the booking.

The fees listed above are charged as they are necessary to cover administration costs.

Your Agreement

Upon booking and making payment for your shipment on our website, you have hereby agreed to all the terms and conditions of carriage, You have read and understood the Delivery Policy, Surcharge and Refund policy, and Restricted Items Policy. Refer to the URLS listed below TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CARRAGE http://www.baggagefreight.com.au/terms-condition.aspx DELIVERY POLICY http://www.baggagefreight.com.au/shipping-delivery-policy.aspx SURCHARGE & REFUND POLICY http://www.baggagefreight.com.au/refund-policy.aspx RESTRICTED ITEMS POLICY http://www.baggagefreight.com.au/consumer-data-policy.aspx

The sender doesn’t have a printer?

Sending bar-coded labels by fax is not recommended. There are 3 options that may assist you:

1. If you are not the sender, we recommend you print the labels using your own printer and express post the labels and instructions to the sender.
2. Get a friend to print the labels for you by forwarding them via email.
3. Find a library or print shop to print off the labels for you.

Incorrectly printed labels that are not clearly visible may pose issues in relation to potential loss and inability to track the item(s). Please note that it also voids your warranty for loss or damage.

Can I leave the item(s) unattended at the front door for collection?

For domestic deliveries, yes. For international deliveries, no.

By leaving the item(s) unattended you accept full responsibility for the risk of the item(s) being stolen, lost or damaged. Please note that the warranty you may pay (if applicable) doesn’t cover your loss if the item(s) are stolen on your private property prior to the courier picking up the item(s).